Advance Praise for Stiletto Network

In an upbeat tone and energetic style, we learn how these successful women are coming together in intimate groups, where they embrace fashion, capital structures, and deals. Emboldening, encouraging, and entertaining, this book is essential reading for any woman who wishes to further her career while remaining true to herself.”

Publishers Weekly ★ Starred Review

The next revolution in business is the rise of the feminine archetype. When glamour, knowledge, and power team up, formidable forces arise that will disrupt Wall Street and commerce. This book is an important glimpse into the future.”

Deepak Chopra

Stiletto Network is inspiring for all women across the world and a must-read for entrepreneurs. It’s a story of true friendships coming together to create powerful movements. Watch out! Friendships equal a silent force.”

Angela Simmons, fashion designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur

Pamela Ryckman is like Malcolm Gladwell—on women! Stiletto Network is fast-paced, engaging, and leaves no doubt that women are on the brink of changing society forever.”

Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

Pamela Ryckman is onto something big. This book will become a bible for working women of all stripes, but it’s also a riveting read for anyone interested in how informal relationships have the power to change individuals and the world.”

Marci Alboher, former New York Times columnist, Vice President of, and author of The Encore Career Handbook

Stiletto Network taps into fascinating new aspects of feminine leadership, delivering keen insights on a powerful movement that will no doubt make the world a better place. It exposes the ‘Long Tail’ of women’s movements and is a must-read for men and women who are leaders in the making. This book will inspire you to think big and take action!”

Alessandra Lariu, CEO of Shout and Co-founder of SheSays; Fast Company’s 2012 “League of Extraordinary Women” and 2010 “100 Most Creative People in Business”

Pamela Ryckman uses goold old-fashioned storytelling to illuminate a moment in history where women are poised to make waves in business, politics, and philanthropy. An important read for men who want to know where the world is heading and want to understand the change (without feeling under attack).”

Michael Berman, President of The Duberstein Group, Inc. and co-author of Living Large

This book brings back a flood of memories about how it used to be before women began lifting each other to new heights. Men had their clubs, women were on their own looking from the outside in. When women’s peer groups emerged, it was a life raft. We pushed and cheered each other along, and now the economic and social pies are bigger for all of us, male and female alike. It’s not enough to get a seat at the table. With women by your side, you get to change the table.”

Edie Weiner, President of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.; Co-Founder, The Belizean Grove and TARA

The next decade will see an explosion of female wealth and power. Pamela Ryckman has written a timely, well researched, and ‘fun read’ on women of influence, friendships, and how we help each other.”

Susan Schiffer Stautberg, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Women Corporate Directors, The Belizean Grove, TARA, and OnBoard Bootcamp

It’s not just about what women will achieve for themselves. It’s adding women to the mix with men. It’s about having two styles of problem-solving simultaneously. It may help us win back a place for our country. It means we’ll have better promise for our children, greater social welfare and understanding, a healthier planet and environment, and economic success. Because we’ve been functioning on half a brain. Men have been doing a fine job, but they’ve just been doing half… Here come the women.”

Penny Peters, marketing maven and member, Belizean Grove

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